Floating Solar PV

Floating Solar PV

Floating Solar PV

Floating solar power plants have many special investment advantages. Especially potential of floating solar as additional resource becomes crucial for hydroelectric power plant areas, lakes and water storage areas.
YEO Solar provides turnkey solutions for Floating Solar plants with expert engineering.

The combination of water and sun, floating system is growing energy potential day by day.

For Floating Solar, we provide

- Regulation Expertise
- EPC (Turnkey Solutions)
- Project Development
- Maintenance
- Site Mobilization
- Product Supply
- Logistic and Transportation Coordination
- Site Construction
- Installation
- Test and Commissioning
- System Activating

YEO Solar has completed total of 100 MW solar power plant installation in Turkey and other countries.

Features of Floating Solar

Photovoltaic floating solar energy systems we provided is the combination of photovoltaic solar energy systems and floating platform technology. Floating system limits algae growth that extend to water surface. In addition, due to the natural cooling effect of the water, the floating solar energy system works more efficiently and reduces the evaporation of the water in the area.

Our Floating Solar plants are consist of

- Floating System,
- Fastening System,
- Photovoltaic Panels,
- Underwater Cables.