The characteristics and critical elements allocated for renewable energy projects are special qualified areas determined by the law. The difference between YEKA concept from other licensed or unlicensed investments of the market is that YEKA provides power installed on a high scale with the requirement of domestic equipment production. YEKA In the regions determined within YEKA GES-3, 100 competitions are held, each with a total connection capacity of 10 MWe.
Other important issues related to the competition are as follows;
Only legal persons established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code can apply to the competition.

- There is no work experience requirement.
- There is no financial qualification requirement.

The competition announcement will determine the ceiling price for the purchase of electrical energy per kWh. There will be sale by auction until the ceiling price reaches to lowest/final price.

- Solar modules which will be used in the electrical power generation plant to be installed in YEKA can contain one or more of the crystal (silicon-based; mono or poli), thin film, multi-layered or double-faced (bifacial) technologies.
- Yeka projects should use materials in accordance with Domestic-Made Certified Assembly and Minimum Domesticity.

As YEO Solar, the services we provide in YEKA Projects

- Detailed feasibility study
- Equipment supply
- Projecting
- Turnkey Solutions (EPC)