YEO Solar strategy is based on the development of renewable power plants, low carbon emission and integrated solutions. Hybrid Solar projects provide meeting of internal consumption. It contributes to capacity increase. Thus, dependance decreases with diversity in the renewable source. Also, hybrid Project are available not only for renewable sources, it is efficient option for fossil fuels: coal, petroleum, and natural gas plants.
Our smart solutions on renewable energy provides reliable and efficient power management from generation to last consumer.


- Thermal
- Hydroelectric
- Geothermal
- Wind
- Solar
- Biomass
- Cogeneration

Energy Storage Solutions

There are power surge depends on angle of sun and weather conditions. To prevent variable conditions in power generation, storage must be necessary for efficiency . Additionaly, Storage is inevitable solution for the points that grid cannot be on. YEO Solar provides solar+storage services for your power plants and minimize the costs.