Hydro Energy + Solar

Hydro Energy + Solar

Hydroelectric Energy + Solar Energy Hybrid Plant

- It becomes possible to operate licensed hydroelectric power plant high efficiency by powered with solar energy.
- Providing full capacity to the hydroelectric power plant with the solar plant instead of utilizing hydroelectric inefficiently due to seasonal conditions.
- By installing floating solar in your hydroelectric power plant, preventing evaporation of water and high efficiency by cooling with water.
- Capacity of the renewable plant can be raised utilizing solar power plant to meet own need.
- Incentive selling prices are also available for solar power plants.

Available Power Plant Areas

- Reservoir area
- Body
- Excavation float
- Transmission tunnel
- Sedimentation pool and forebay
- Penstock
- Regulator

Installed Power Capacity

- Instant Power cannot be exceed installed power capacity
- Capacity factor cannot be exceed in annual power generation
Sample Feasibility Summary
Sample Feasibility Summary
Detailed Application, Installation, Approval Processes
Detailed Application, Installation, Approval Processes