YEO Group

YEO Solar and SEİSO Signed Cooperation Agreement in Solar Energy Sector


SEİSO Energy, which has been operating in the construction of roof and land type solar power plants since 2008, and the international Electricity and Automation contractor YEO Group, which provides complete electrification and automation solutions in industrial facilities and power plants, signed a cooperation agreement.

Within the scope of the cooperation, the two companies will jointly operate for engineering, product supply, installation and operational maintenance services. The companies also plan to provide EPC-F services to investors by creating their own financing models in rooftop GES projects.

More than 100 MW solar power plant on the roof and terrain circuit area Seiso Energy, operates as the only distributor in Turkey Panasonic HIT panel. Antalya Stadium between referral from Turkey"s first industrial-type in-roof solar power plants Coral hydroelectric project located Seiso firm YEO activities in Turkey and in the international solar energy market with cooperation with Solar and aims to increase its market share.

YEO Electric Automation Co., Turkey as well as Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Germany, Ukraine, with offices in Dubai, the group firm with lots of energy and global markets in Turkey, Water & Waste Water, Oil and Gas, Cement & It has completed electrification and automation projects in mining and infrastructure areas and offers complete turnkey Electrification, Automation and Digitalization solutions for these sectors with high technology. YEO Solar, one of the companies of YEO Group, has ongoing domestic and international solar energy projects of 3 MW in Palestine and 11 MW in Ukraine.

Konya-based Seiso energy company with Istanbul-based YEO Solar, are aimed at domestic and taking a more active role in overseas projects made cooperation agreement with the combined expertise and strength and dating as acting to serve more investors and solar energy investment process in Turkey.