Ground mounted solar power plants offer flexibility with the site layout and row spacing. Solar panels are set at the best angle to optimize energy production and  allow you  to get the maximum energy from the sun. The structure to hold the panels can be built out of galvanised steel or aluminum which are attached to the ground and reinforced with concrete foundations where needed. The most important benefit of ground mounted solar system is you have quite space available on the ground so larger capacity system can be installed. If you decide to add a tracking system to your ground mounted power plant, you have options for single-axis or a double-axis system.

Single Axis Tracking Systems

Single-axis trackers have only one axis of movement. This allows the panels to rotate from east to west and tracking the sun through out the day.

Double Axis Tracking Sytems

In dual-axes, trackers have two axes of movement, rotated with north-south and with east-west. This allows the panels to precisely face the sun at all times, resulting in 25% more power compared to fixed mounted systems. 



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